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Make Your Website ADA Compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that commercial and public entities provide access and accommodation for individuals, including those with disabilities. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a series of testing criteria to help guide website owners in creating websites that are accessible to those with disabilities.

Website accessibility lawsuits have been increasing significantly over the last few years, and if your website does not follow the WCAG, you’re at risk of being sued for accessibility shortcomings in formatting, user interface, and written, video, or audio content.

Our team of experienced ADA compliance experts will help your website meet the current WCAG guidelines. Whether you were just served with a lawsuit or are trying to prevent potential litigation, WCAG Pros' experts can create a web accessibility compliance solution that is right for your business, timeline, and budget.

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What To Expect When You Work With WCAG Pros

Page-By-Page WCAG Audit Report

Our in-depth audit tests all 54 points of the WCAG Levels A and AAA for every page of your website. Any failures are noted, including where to find the failure, what failed, why, and how to fix the failure. Often, code samples are provided for your webmaster to follow. In-depth audits are a great solution for those who have a developer on staff or available to implement any needed fixes.


Developers Ready To Help

If you don't have a developer available to make changes to your website, we can make the changes for you. With our remediation services, the in-depth audit will be passed to one of our programmers who will be able to make the required changes directly to your website. Even if you are currently working with a programmer, this is often the fastest and most cost-effective option for site owners to become compliant.

Protection Against Future Actions

After any non-compliant items are fixed, we will audit your website again at no additional charge. Once all of the pages on your website comply with the WCAG, we will issue you a letter of compliance. In addition to the letter, a digital test summary will be published and a badge will be issued for your use on your website. This will help others identify that your site has been tested and is compliant with WCAG guidelines.

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