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Website ADA Compliance Auditing

Our team of web accessibility experts will conduct a comprehensive audit to identify all potential accessibility barriers on your website. We'll recommend solutions for each barrier and provide the necessary documentation to prove compliance with ADA standards.

Our experienced website accessibility team is here to help you maintain your website's reputation, legal compliance, and customer experience by identifying any potential barriers that could prevent visitors from accessing content or navigating through the site.

Our developers, who are specifically trained in the WCAG, will analyze every page of your website to make sure that no stone goes unturned.

Overall, I was very happy with our choice to partner with you. Thanks, Matthew!
- Eric Rodriguez (CEO), Innerbody Research

Matt Post and the WCAG Pros team were great! There was very little wait time for them to complete the in-depth audit. They supply all the information you need, including specific coding, in order to be compliant. I highly recommend!
-Derek Giangiulio, Website Developer

Our Audit Process and Benefits

Are you currently involved in a legal matter due to an ADA non-compliant website?

First, it is important to understand that the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is the industry standard for what is and what is not an accessible website. These guidelines were created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C is tasked with developing international standards for the Web. These standards include HTML, CSS, accessibility, and more.

If you have received demand letters, legal notification, or are in a pending legal matter, it's imperative that you engage with a company that can quickly and accurately address what items on your website are not compliant with the WCAG.

You need to make sure that all elements of every page are accessible and compliant with the latest version of the WCAG. This means assessability to screen readers, assistive technologies, and offer equal access to those with special needs.

Furthermore, implementing the proper fixes in a timely manner is dependant on knowing how to best resolve any issues. This often means having direct support from the auditing company and your developers.

We have a deep understanding of the WCAG and how to best communicate with your developers about what is required to make your site compliant. Your developer will have an unlimited open line of communication with our team throughout the process.

How much does a website accessibility audit cost?

Our WCAG website accessibility audits vary in price depending on the size of your website and its complexities. The cost for most websites can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

The best way for us to accurately quote your project is for you to send us your information so that we can look at your site and send you a proposal.

When should you request an ADA web accessibility audit?

If you have a legal action pending, you want to start your audit right away!

If your audit is preventative, the accessibility audit can be performed at any point during your project, including early planning, design, development, or testing.

Ideally, the audit will be completed prior to the launch of your site so that your website will be in compliance out of the gate.

We understand that development schedules are often predetermined, so we collaborate with you to realistically plan the project. Based on this information, we help you develop an accessibility strategy that works within your existing structure.

Take The First Steps To Making Your Website ADA Compliant

We know that every business requires individualized attention.

Send us your company's information, and we'll follow up to gather any additional information about your particular situation that we may need.

Then we'll schedule a follow-up call to address your questions, concern, timelines, and costs.

So, contact us now to make your website more accessible and protect your company from litigation.

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