About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help businesses become more accessible to those with disabilities.

Helping Businesses Become Accessible

At WCAG Pros, we understand that accessibility compliance requires more than some automated tool or editing only a handful of pages in a website to offer true accessibility.

With the rise of lawsuits being filed against business owners when their websites are not ADA compliant, we feel that it is vital for all pages of a website to be scrutinized and made accessible.


WCAG Pros is owned by the digital marketing company, SEM Dynamics. With the growing demand for businesses to have specialized assistance in order to become more accessible, we found it prudent to expand a division of SEM Dynamics specifically to help companies that need to navigate the complexities of website accessibility.

After several years of providing these services through SEM Dynamics, WCAG Pros was launched in 2021 to further dedicate resources to the goal of accessibility.

Co-founder, Matthew Post, has over 20 years of programming experience. This includes several years of experience in the auditing and remediation of WCAG non-compliant elements.

Every audit and remediation project is personally overseen by Mr. Post.

IAAP Organizational Member