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Done-For-You ADA Website Remediation

Our team of programmers, who are experts in the WCAG, will delve into every page of your site. When we find an element of your site that's not compliant with the WCAG, we'll fix it for you.

Our ADA website remediation service is the best fit for:

  • site owners without a developer
  • developers wanting to leverage their time

If you do have a developer who is capable of implementing changes to your website in a timely manner, we highly recommend using our audit service instead of full remediation.

Similar to our auditing service, full site remediation covers your entire website.

You will still receive the letter of engagement, a compliance letter (once we're finished), and the online badge to help mitigate future issues.

When it came to making our website ADA compliant, we were completely clueless!  Luckily we made one phone call to Matt Post and he quickly put our fears at ease.  He knew exactly what to do, took control of the entire project, brought our company up to speed, and it's been smooth sailing for us ever since.  We are so grateful for him and highly recommend him to everyone!!
- Robert Felker (Owner), Porky's Pizza

Our Audit Process and Benefits

Are you currently involved in a legal matter due to an ADA non-compliant website?

First, it is important to understand that the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is the industry standard for what is and what is not an accessible website. These guidelines were created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C is tasked with developing international standards for the Web. These standards include HTML, CSS, accessibility, and more.

If you have received a legal notification or are in a pending legal matter, it's imperative that you engage with a company that can quickly and accurately fix the items that are not compliant with the WCAG.

You need to make sure that all elements of every page are accessible and compliant with the latest version of the WCAG.

Furthermore, implementing the proper fixes in a timely manner is dependant on knowing how to best resolve any issues. If you do not have access to a developer, your need to engage with a company that both identifies and makes the proper changes for you.

We have a deep understanding of the WCAG and decades of website development experience. We know the WCAG, and we know how to best make a site accessible.

How much does it cost to make my website ADA compliant?

Our WCAG website accessibility remediation services vary in price depending on the size of your website and its complexities. The cost can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

The best way for us to accurately quote your project is for you to send us your information so that we can look at your site and send you a proposal.

When should you request website ADA remediation service?

If you have a legal action pending, you want to start your audit right away!

If you're taking preventative measures, the accessibility remediation can be performed over the course of two to four weeks, depending on the site.

You want to be sure that changes to your website are not occurring at the same time that we are implementing WCAG website remediation. If you are about to roll out a major website update, either utilize our audit service or have us begin the remediation on your staging environment directly prior to launch.

We understand that development schedules are often predetermined, so we collaborate with you to realistically plan the project. Based on this information, we help you develop an accessibility strategy that works within your existing structure.

Take The First Steps To Making Your Website ADA Compliant

We know that every business requires individualized attention.

Send us your company's information, and we'll follow up to gather any additional information about your particular situation that we may need.

Then we'll schedule a follow-up call to address your questions, concern, timelines, and costs.

So, contact us now to make your website more accessible and protect your company from litigation.

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